Posted by: kristensawkwardness | November 24, 2009

KStew in awkward gear and she rocks it!

Okay, so lets do take it from the top.

The hair. Who else can pull off a greasy mullett like KStew? Which is growing out nicely I might add.

The glasses. Other than on her and the Pattz I havent seen these since the early 90’s?  and they look like they might possibly glow-in-the-dark?

The belly show. Who doesnt love a skinny milk white belly?

The pants. Fergie is the last person I saw with them… and even though Barneyesque she still looks skinny in them!

No sock. Who does that when they arent wearing flip flops ?

Okay the shoes deserve a whole blog of their own, but I’ll try to keep it short. They are immensely hideous! If you are truly interested (please tell me you aren’t) you can find and purchase them here .

All in all, Kristen is awesomely awkward and I cant get enough.  She makes me nervous during her interviews and laugh when I see her pictures. But let me not forget too that she is also uber sexy under all her awkwardisms!



  1. I was just thinking about how much I want her shoes…

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