Posted by: kristensawkwardness | November 26, 2009

Happy Awkward Thanksgiving to KStew

I just want to take a moment (I know its late, but give me a fucking break. I have shit stuff to do!) and say Happy Thanksgiving to The Stew .

*raises a shot glass*

Here is to you and your greatness.

Here’s to keeping your shit private life private.

Here’s to the fact that you are most likely doing  the guy the rest of us drool over daily.

Here’s to you and your bad assness.

I toast your mullet as only you can rock one in this time period.

I raise my glass in the anticipation of only the preview of  Welcome To The Rileys I can only imagine a stripper Stew now….would love to see! For now this pic from The Cake Eaters is all I have to work with.

And lastly, my personal favorite, thank you for you awkwardness! For without which,  I might not know what to blog about.

So with this….

So this Thanksgiving, to keep those sons of bitches paps off of you, maybe we should do things like this inside this year:

Although I love the idea of you sitting on a back porch step with a friend in your pajamas with no bra on smoking.

*burp* I jus’ wanna say I lurve you biatch….. *burp*

*trips over Harpers Bazaar magazine * yur mai inspurashun.





  1. hehehe yep, she is my hero, she is hitting the RPATTZ

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