Posted by: kristensawkwardness | December 3, 2009

Stewkward is not so Awkward on Welcome to the Rileys Set

Well, she has done it again!  Only Stewkward (the infamous awkward Kristen Stewart) could surprise us this way over and over again!

New pictures from Welcome To The Rileys have been showing up online.

I had decided to stay off of Twitter and spend the entire day with the fam.  I did pretty good, made cookies with my daughter and even  watched Santa Clause 3

Luckily, the hubs picked an argument and I came to check out the latest and I find out that there are  NEW pics!  This my friends, is why no one is able to get a real life…. when we desperately try to do so…..we miss shit!

So here we go…. lets try to keep your panties on!

The first and my favorite:

Is is only with complete confidence that you can express desperation and bad ass in one facial expression.  Those eyes….. The gloves….The greasy hair…..

My 2nd favorite:

Just the simplicity of it. Beauty. Candle lights. Sin.

3rd picture released today:

WTF is this the morning after? Someone left her in a hotel?  This one makes the mom in me kick in…. Someone give this girl a hug and take care of her!  😦


Because I haven’t read too deeply into the details of this movie….I hope he is looking at her like a father figure (I think this is the idea of the story) rather than a piece of meat.  Wow…I am all mommy today… hold me back folks!

She looks brilliant!  This movie can not come out soon enough!  Make sure you are clicking on this link as much as possible to get the meter up. 😉


Good luck in your next movies success…. I know it will do well!





  1. I actually think this will be hard for Kristen fans to watch at times just because I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those movies that sucks you in so far that you feel the pain of the characters. Not to mention that Kristen Stewart fans often feel a bit over protective as a result of the endless ignorant attacks against her based on her unwillingness to conform. I am sure this film will give even doubters a glimpse of the talent she has at hand.

  2. I’m so excited for this to be released. ❤

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