Posted by: kristensawkwardness | March 8, 2010

Kristen Coughs it up to a Glamorous Night at the Oscars

Kristen looked stunning last night at the Oscars.

A caterpillar into a butterfly I read on one post.

But would Kris really be Kristen Stewart with out her infamous awkwardisms?  Hell no! That’s why we love her. That’s why they hate her.

And that’s why she is a bad ass.

As she and the puppy presented the horror montage, she got nervous. It was her first fucking time for crying out loud. Cut the kid a break!



She “ahem’ed” and suddenly the Earth stopped spinning, haters came out of the wood work, and twitter nearly died.

So never mind that she looked stunning, the music was insanely loud while they were presenting, and nearly all of the other presenters fudged their lines,  all of the Oscar attention was on:

How will Kristen fuck it up this time?

Well, what do we think Kristen would say to all the controversy?


As for what we ( @KStewFanGirl and myself @KristensAwkward ) think about the whole debacle, Kristen was fabulously herself. She was beautiful, she was awkward, and we adore her more today than we did yesterday.

And Kristen,

You did it girl, You were great! Fuck the world. Take a deep breath baby, cause its finally over.


The Awkward Crew



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