Posted by: kristensawkwardness | March 23, 2010

20 Reasons To Love Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, at 19, has done more than most of us will ever do in a lifetime.

So we have put together a list of reasons why we love her…


Brace. yourself.

Seriously. Cause, here goes…

1. She can rock a 2 toned shag like no other.

2. She can look cute  dropping her awardscoughing at the Oscars.

3. She can play basketball, football, & guitar

4. She sings.

5. She can out bitch-face anyone.

6. She can out sweet-face anyone.

7. Her butt. (It looks like Jimmy is ready to spank it. tehehe)

8. She fist pumps a lot.

9. She bakes pies and makes a mean spam sandwich.

1o. She laughs at fallen paps.

11.  She is cute enough to pull off a see through shirt without looking sleazy.

12.  She loves Rock-N-Roll

13.  She is the Hanky Panky Champion

14.  As 411 calls her, Legs McGee

15.  She gets to do this

16.  She gets to do that

17.  She is a hot hobo like no other mofo.

18.  She still reads.

19.  She can get away with out wearing a bra

20. and the best reason of all to love her? Because she doesn’t give a fuck what I think or what you think.


The Awkward Crew



  1. do u luv her ? cus i do

  2. love her, love this list

  3. #20 is my favorite, and I’m jealous of everyone who can do #19. 🙂

  4. Its funny that I look up to a 19yr old but Kris just oozes confidence and maturity I know I didn’t have at that age heck don’t know if i’m that mature now (dont answer that).

    I dont know if I love the bitchface or sweetface more….def bitchface 😉

    Kris style is all her own love that about her. Wearing her nuns with guns hoodie every other day like its her security blanket.

    I bet we could easily add 1000+ reasons to love Kris and still be able to come up with more

    Love u bb 🙂 and love the blog

  5. I love this list and I love Kristen Stewart!!! Wuah

  6. LOL! I Love It! The main reason why i love her..She doesnt give a fuck!!!! Smooches 🙂 Great Blog Sweets!

  7. Best freakin’ list ever! Especially that last reason, it’s perfect!

  8. i very very love u Kristen….

  9. She is so cute I love u kristen!!!! I don’t know witch face I love more sweet or bitch her sweet one she can get away with anything she like an angel and bher bitch one I love too I guess I live both. I love the last reason she don’t give a f**** she’s always herself I life that 🙂

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