Posted by: kristensawkwardness | April 17, 2010

You Think You Have Better Things To Do?

You think you have better things to do?

You think you have a life?

You don’t.

Get over yourself.

The Runaways is what you should be doing in your spare time.

And to all the peeps who still think of Kristen as “The Girl from Twilight,”

Fuck you!

She is so much more than Twilight.

Twilight Schmilight!

Kristen Stewart wet the panties of everyone who had the balls (or privileged since it was so insanely limited) to watch The Runaways!

I (KristensAwkward ) was able to go watch her Majesty unfold on Saturday.

Other than the mess, I may or may not have left in that theater seat, next to RobsStew , it was a fuckhawt movie!

The luff between Kris and Dakota or Jett and Currie….. WOW! (women on women.)

Don’t lie, you know it worked for you too….

And as I have found myself chanting way to much for a married woman in one day…… I like boys. I like boys. I like boys.

Have you seen the sexiness fuckedness of her in Flaunt?

And to that she and Dakota say:

We want women!!!



  1. Such a great movie! Loved it!!

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