Posted by: kristensawkwardness | May 20, 2010

We Ship It

It’s Vampire Diaries vs. The Twilight Saga

It’s Elena vs. Bella

It’s Damon vs. Edward

Of course, we (me and @KStewFanGirl) of all people, love Edward.

We lust over the fuckhawtness they call Rob.

And Elena is cute, I guess.


the whole idea of Damon, the ultimate sexy as fucking hell bad guy, being with our beloved Bella, well its just mind boggling delish!

You can ‘Ughhh!’ and turn your heads if you feel necessary, but you know…..

It.Turns.You.On 😉

(I knew you’d like that one! or those?)

And for those of you who have decided that you hate us for this post, we thought we would add a little something for you too….


You guys are too easy!

I kid I kid…

This is what we were really going to post:

So you can all sleep well knowing that we still luff Kristen and Robert, but lust over Kristen and Ian.

Over and out.



  1. You guys crack me up! Lust indeed!

  2. I mean look at the bedroom eyes on Bella and Damon fuck Edward (talking about characters not the people themselves so calm down).

    Damon would never have waited for marriage before popping that cherry. Elena is “cute” and all like a puppy….omg Elena and Jacob now thats a match made in heaven. Poor Edward is left all alone though hmmmm I bet he likes to watch anyways. 😉

    Don’t mind me its early i’m not all with it.

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