Posted by: kristensawkwardness | July 6, 2010

Kristen’s Warm Apple Pie

Okay, so not really. Its actually Loquat Tarts.

Not to be confused with Pop Tarts or Twat Tarts.

We all knew she loved to cook and now we finally have one of her own recipes.

Kristens loquat tart recipe here.

Try to keep your dirty thought to yourselves, you filthy pussies….

Okay, moving on…

While I have been keeping up with our beloved Kristen, I have also been drowning in fan fiction, Thanks to KStewFanGirl. Ever need a recommendation? Find her 😉

or check out my fan fic rec page

Anywho, let me go all the way back to the Eclipse Premiere. Our girl got marked up by some beyotch! What balls!

The only people who hate Kristen are the people who are so insanely jealous of her amazing talent and the fact that Rob gets in her pants 😉

Her thoughts on sharpiegate.

Let me now discuss her hair. Oh em to the mofo gee!


Did anyone else notice how Kristen made fun of Letterman for saying “woofs” instead of wolves? He didn’t even notice. Dumb ass…


She and Rob showed up at a theater in LA last night!

To sum it all up

She looks gorgeous,  she makes loquat tart (not just mean spam), she thinks Letterman is an idiot, she juggles, she golfs, she’s in love, Rob is in love,

we’re in love.




  1. First off I ❤ you and your blog

    Secondly who wouldn't want to taste Kris pie?? (get your mind out of the gutter thats not what I mean at all ;). I think we need to get Kris her own show on the food network can you imagine Kris in a apron???

    The sharpie "incident" gets under my skin even if it was an "accident". Kris looked gorgeous that night very glam.

    Kris new hair color fkladfj;afjak;fjsa;kfj <– yah it makes me a tad happy 🙂 Letterman is a tool and Kris put him in his place that night and fucking looked hot and sexy as hell doing it.

    Thought it was very sweet that Kris/Rob went and said hello and thank you last night 🙂 I'm sure they had a nice

    Woot Woot FF rules

  2. Thanks babe! You’re the best! 🙂

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