Posted by: kristensawkwardness | August 17, 2010

The Hope of Every “Nonsten” Dies

So, here’s the skinny folks


as it turns out, you were wrong.

I know it sucks, I know you hate her.

But you can still fap to his pictures online, yes?

Alright, before I get started…. I post one so you can unload

Feeling better?

Thank God, cause I am…

Anywho, now that you have released your umm…. tension,

let me redirect you to the latest phenomenon I like to call KfuckingPattz.

Its called that for two reasons.

  1. Its better than Robsten
  2. because she is in fact doing just that 😉


We saw it here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

So all I can say to you now is…..

Don’t you feel like a fucktard?

Come and join us. All any of us want to do is just join in with them….

We all want a little KfuckingPattz loving.

So what I gather from you “nonstens” is that you just hate the celestial one because she is getting what you aren’t.

Man up bitches, you wouldn’t be getting it anyway.

So face the facts. They are in luff.



  1. OMG how could you crush their dream of living HEA with Rob *giggle*

    KfuckingPattz hmmm now that has a nice ring to it 😉

    But on a serious note who the fuck do some fans think they are? I swear they think they have ownership over these 2

    Love… Love ….Love the blog

  2. I think it is great, and I loved this post. I will definitely come back.

  3. Sweetie, are hope didn’t die because we never had any kind of hope. You shipper are so damn wrong about everything. We dont give a shit if Rob and Kristen are dating, we dont want to marry Rob, and we dont obsesse over Robsten like YOU SHIPPERS DO. You people are OBSESSED with this relationship, and we just sit back and laugh. N’sten’s are not going to die over this, the board isn’t going to close down over this because we just dont care! You guys are the one’s that care, not us. You guys are the one’s that come off as obsessed fans.

    • grammar school much?

      • dude true story. what a dumbass.

  4. You’re hoping in vain because the Nonstens are NOT going to die. 😉

    • Ummm… I think you are confuzzled…. I never wished them death. I said their hope has died…. read it again.

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