Hi. I am just a girl woman. who think that Kristen Stewart is pretty cool and is weird awkward. I find her awkwardness cute and funny!  I am sure you all do too, if not… well then,  get the fuck on.  Cause, this isn’t the place for you 😉



  1. Hi!

    Like you, I’m a tremendous fan of Kristen. I’ve followed her for quite a while and have seen all of her movies multiple times, and have copies of most of them. The thing is, until all the furor over Twilight I never checked out the array of internet sites and blogs that discuss her, I just left it at enjoying her acting roles. Now that I’ve started to follow some of these sites, it’s becoming clear that there’s an awful lot of people that don’t like her! I’m having a hard time understanding why that is. Is it just because of who she is “supposedly” dating, or is there something else going on that I’ve just not picked up on?

    I like you blog. Thanks!


  2. I always like Kristen Stewart way before the Twilight series. She was so adoreable when she was little in ” Catch That Kid ” and ” Zathura ” But I’m only two years younger then her. If I was a boy… I would totally have a huge crush on her. * smiles *

    Love your blog.

    – kristenstewartdaily

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