Fan Fiction

This year, I have become completely obsessed with fan fiction. It rules my time and sex life 😉 I thought I would take the time to brief and review the stories as I read them.

Completed Stories

Master of the Universe by: Snowqueens Icedragon

In this story, Edward is a dominant and he asks Bella to be his submissive. She agrees but Edward never follows through as he fall in love with her. They go through many trials along the way.

This story was my entrance to fan fiction. It had me buying fancy sex toys and enjoying myself a little kink in the bedroom with the hubs.

The List by:  LauraACullen

In The List, Bella creates a list of things she would like to do with/to Edward before he changes her.

This story was one of my favorites, because The characters are almost exactly as they are in the book.  Edward is still a vampire and Bella is still a teen aged girl. There’s just a little sex interest added.  Bella is quite a feisty little girl 😉

Wide Awake by: AngstGoddess003

In Wide Awake, Edward is a teen with a ton of baggage and history as is Bella. They have a terrible time sleeping and find a way to cope with their problems together.

This is another great story full of angst… So much angst it literally hurts.  In the end, they are finally ‘together’ and all is well.

Incomplete Stories

Edward Wallbanger by: feathersmmmm

This is an incomplete story where Edward and Bella are in their 20’s. Edward has a harem of women the Bella hears through her walls as she is his neighbor.  Her interest in Edward’s sexcapades causes a stir in Bella’s world.  Great story with very slow updates.

Tangled up in Blue by: TxBirdie

In this story, Edward is an author and Bella is an aspiring writer.  She goes to a writing camp and meets Edward. She is in a troubled relationship at home with two kids. She explores her options.  Great story that keeps me on the edge of me seat at all times.

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by: hunterhunting

In MoBS, Edward is a hockey player in the NHL who meets and takes a great interest in Bella.  They deal with difficult situations as Edward is considered a man whore by the media therefore causing Bella to look like a “puck bunny”

This is Not My Life by: isakassees

I think this is my favorite fic so far. In TiNML, Bella and Edward go through great tragedy and have to overcome it and all the additional problems it causes. This story will fill you with all emotions.

Under the Apple Tree by: danieller123

This is another fabulous story where Bella is a stripper turned prostitute and Dr. Cullen takes special interest in helping her straighten her life out.

Completed Stories that I am currently reading

His Personal Assistant by: NorthernLights17

I am only about half through this story, but I am loving it. Edward is taking over his father’s company and Bella is his assistant. Bella fantasizes about Edward and concocts a plan to seduce him. Very smutty.

Please feel free to leave recommendations with links in the comments!


  1. Hi, I also LOOOOVE fanfictions and I´ve read sooo many but my fav fanfic is by far Just Wait by Instantcarmagirl, it´s amazing, it´s not comlete yet but pretty soon I think and pretty fast updates, the description sounds pretty lame but give it a chance, it´s the best fanfic EVER!

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